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Teaching/ learning in Primary and Secondary Education in Kampong Cham ,Cambodia.

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Multigrade Teaching

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The project will be implemented at the RTTC Kampong Cham and will mainly focus on teacher training and curriculum development for mathematics and physics.

By training the lecturers of the RTTC on teaching methodology, content and material development, pre-service teachers will directly benefit and will provide an improved quality education in secondary schools, which by turn will influence the in-service teachers and staff of the lower secondary schools.

The project will focus on pre-service training, because this will have a bigger impact at lower costs than focussing on in-service training.

Curriculum support materials.

Some quantitative indicators such as high dropouts, high repetition rates, low enrolment, suggests that the current educational system is not appropriate and efficient. There are significant inequities in the representation of females in the education system, especially in the higher primary school grades and on secondary level and there are wide disparities between urban and rural areas in access and quality of basic education services. The recruitment and retention of trained teachers for schools in remote areas remains a critical problem. Low salaries and little or no incentives have major consequences on the teacher’s motivation, and teaching aids and resources are lacking. Because most teachers are reluctant to teach in remote areas, teachers with limited knowledge and capacity are employed. This has a serious outcome on the quality of education, and the subsequently on students’ morale. Teachers are also not efficiently trained and need to get used to more suitable teaching methodologies, adapted to the current needs (high student/teacher ratios, double shifts, student-centred approach, multi-grade teaching…)

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