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Teaching/ learning in Primary and Secondary Education in Kampong Cham ,Cambodia.

The project
The project
Problem analysis
Strategy, Feasibility
About Multigrade Teaching
Guide for organizing a Multigrade Teaching workshop.

The project will involve:

  • Training mathematics and physics teachers of the RTTC and cooperative schools in Kampong Cham Province.
  • Training school inspectors of the POE, and school management of the RTTC and cooperative schools in Kampong Cham Province.
  • Revision of curricula of mathematics and physics for lower secondary education.
  • Involving the parents associations in the lower secondary education system and give them advice.

Providing teaching materials and aids, laboratory equipment and audio-visual materials to the RTTC and train staff how to use them.

During the last few years, the Government of Cambodia is highly prioritising the development and improvement of the educational sector. The access for all children to good quality basic education is one of the millennium development goals (UN), and the Kingdom of Cambodia has shown its commitment by planning and implementing educational reforms, guided by the Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP) and the ongoing Poverty Reduction Strategic Plan (PRSP).

The country is in need for help and support from international donors to improve the educational system, so that the country can further develop socially and economically and compete with neighbouring countries. The government would like to reach their goals to assure equitable access to quality basic education, enabling growing lower secondary education opportunities and strengthening capacity building for the decentralisation of education services.

The VVOB project will comply with the needs and priorities of the government of Cambodia and work in close cooperation with the MOEYS. It will focus on the needs for improved teacher training and curriculum revision, especially on mathematics and physics, and help to empower the teachers, inspectors and school management.

The VVOB project complies with the educational reform plans of the government of Cambodia and will help to reform, in accordance with Provincial and National authorities, the lower secondary education system, in particular mathematics and physics.


The proposed project will comply with the educational reform of the government of Cambodia, under supervision of MOEYS.

An agreement will be signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and VVOB for practical working arrangements.

Some facilities in the RTTC will be used in the project. Some staff trained in the project will play an important role in the project. If some of the staff involved in the project could get some preliminary language training in English or French it would make communication and co-operation easier.

A first major target group will be the mathematics and physics lecturers, and staff from the RTTC and two cooperative schools in Kampong Cham. Also the inspectors from the POE will benefit directly from the project. Secondly the students, or pre-service teachers, who study at the RTTC will get better trained and provide a better quality teaching in the lower secondary schools of Kampong Cham province.

The project will train maths and physics lecturers of the RTTC and cooperative schools. These lecturers will give a better training to pre-service teachers.

By focussing on the RTTC, there will be a continuous improved training for the new lower secondary school maths and physics teachers. These new teachers will give an example and will influence the other in-service teachers in the province.

Improving the quality of maths and physics teachers, by focussing on the RTTC Kampong Cham, will disadvantage the other 5 RTTCs in the country. It is important to envisage a second phase where the knowledge and experience obtained at the RTTC Kampong Cham, should be expanded nationwide. This can only be obtained through close cooperation with the MOEYS.


Multigrade Teaching project Cambodia